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Christianne Klein on “Culinary Confessions” with Kim and Don | The Herb Cookbook

Christianne Klein on “Culinary Confessions” with Kim and Don

I had the pleasure of appearing on “Culinary Confessions” with Kim and Don to discuss food, herbs (for love, mood and health), recipes, fun tips, beauty tips and a lot more.   Featured below is the Kim and Don radio interview in two parts.

Some of you may not know about my past history which we discuss in the first few minutes of the video.  It was the first time I’ve ever been asked about the butane tanker accident that nearly cost me my life in an interview.  Six years later my lungs are 100% healed (thanks in large part to a combination of alternative and western medicine), but the incident has had a profound effect on my life.  It is interesting to think about the ways my lifestyle cookbook would be different if I didn’t have that experience.  It showed me the incredible ways you can use healthy ingredients- including herbs- to bring health and joy into your life.

I’m happy to share that information with you in this interview and in Christianne’s Herbal Kitchen: Fresh Herb Recipes for Body and Soul.